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Mobile Surface Analyzer

MSA One-Click SFE

Analyzing wettability in a second with only one click

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis

A powerful instrument for quality control of pretreated, coated, or cleaned surfaces: The MSA One-Click SFE Mobile Surface Analyzer measures wettability by means of the surface free energy automatically and extremely fast.


With just one click, the MSA doses parallel drops of two liquids, followed by the direct analysis of the contact angles and the derived results of the surface free energy. All steps are automated and happen within a second. The result allows well-founded statements about the general wettability by aqueous or organic liquids as well as the adhesion.


Thanks to the reliable and pre-defined measuring procedure, user-independent results are guaranteed and errors due to incorrect operation are virtually ruled out.


  • Determination of wettability before coating or bonding

  • Quality assurance of activation processes such as plasma treatment, flame treatment, or corona treatment

  • Quality assurance for the cleaning of surfaces

  • Testing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings and other coatings

  • Measurement on large workpieces and finished products such as car bodies, aircraft parts, or walls

Measuring methods

  • Contact angles of two drops dosed in parallel

  • Surface free energy of a solid using contact angle data

  • Surface tension using the curvature of a perfectly symmetrical drop on a circular sample pedestal

  • Carrying out a measurement up to 20 consecutive times and displaying the results together

  • Remote control of ADVANCE for integration in custom-designed, complex automations

Measuring results

  • Contact angles of two liquids

  • Surface free energy (SFE) according to the following models: Owens-Wendt-Rabel-Kaelble (OWRK), Fowkes, Wu, Zisman, Equation of State

  • Work of adhesion between solid and liquid

  • Interfacial tension between solid and liquid

  • Spreading coefficient between solid and liquid

Analyzing wettability with one click

Experience how much time and effort the MSA One-Click SFE spares when doing quality control for cleaned, coated, or pretreated surfaces.

Simple in operation and versatile in use

The MSA One-Click SFE is optimally equipped for the mobile and non-destructive quality control due to the power connection to a notebook and its low weight and small footprint. The instrument analyzes samples of any size, such as automobile bodies. It provides reliable values even when measuring vertically or overhead and also works on slightly convex samples.


The intuitive ADVANCE software for the instrument uses proven scientific methods to calculate the surface free energy. Notably the determined polarity of the surface gives direct feedback to the effect of pretreatment methods such as plasma treatment.

Made for mobile quality control

Many features for easy and reliable wetting analysis: the MSA One-Click SFE makes test inks and dyne pens matters of the past.

Innovative Liquid Needle dosing technology

The integrated Liquid Needle dosing unit dispenses two parallel drops within milliseconds with high volume precision. This simultaneous dosing of two drops eliminates the need to change the test liquid during the measurement, as is the case with conventional dosing techniques. The kinetic energy is kept low in order to prevent unwanted prewetting of areas around the drop, which could falsify the result.


Cartridges that can easily be refilled outside the instrument make for simple operation of the dosing system. Fully charged, the instrument is capable of dosing 1000 droplets of each liquid.

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis

Take your QC lab wherever you go

A dosing unit for two liquids. A camera with a lens. A light source and an aperture. Lots of electronics. In a nutshell, that’s what it takes to automatically determine the SFE. Having all these parts tightly packed in a durable, hand-held instrument makes the MSA a small miracle.

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis

Measure without size limit at any position in space

The compactness of the MSA is only surpassed by its versatility. You can use it on samples as thin as a chopstick or as large as a car body. It works on curved surfaces, vertical walls, or overhead. Believe it or not, promising tests are even being made at zero gravity.

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis

Heavy-duty construction with a light touch

Once you have verified that your surface meets all of your quality standards, you certainly don’t want it to be spoiled by the measurement. With that in mind, the MSA’s small, soft footprint leaves no traces on the sample except two micro-drops of pure liquid.


Constructed with chemically-resistant parts and enclosed by a high-grade metal housing, the instrument is robust and ready for the factory floor.

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis
Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis
Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis