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About us

Though this is more about surface science

Our mission is to make surface science big



We believe that interfacial chemistry has only scratched the surface

The surface of a material is all you can see and touch. It is the place where materials interact with their environment, and often also their most vulnerable part. Even if you think that something is happening inside, like emulsifying or foam formation, it is very likely that it is actually a game between surfaces. By rights, surface science should be one of the most important branches of research.


Since KRÜSS began dedicating knowledge and engineering skills to developing instruments, the importance of surface science has increased enormously. We are proud to say that we not only followed this trend but are also a driving force behind it. But still we think that this is only the beginning. Our team of specialists is preparing for a future where interfacial analysis is part of the daily routine in almost every lab in R&D as well as quality control.

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KRÜSS Worldwide

At home on the earth's surface

Our company is based and originates in Hamburg (Germany) with subsidiaries in the USA, China, the United Kingdom, and France to be as close as possible to our customers. Our connections to academic partners and our dense network of distributors ensure that our expertise and our products are always close at hand.

Where you can find us

We are educated in the science of making things easy


Science is complex, but its tools should be as simple as possible. In order to make interfacial analysis available to a diverse range of users and applications, we build high-end instruments that apply proven scientific methods with maximum ease of use. With automated technology, we create devices that offer great versatility while keeping necessary user intervention to a minimum – sometimes to as little as a single click. Our solutions incorporate the know-how of our application experts, who work closely with research and development engineers as well as quality managers across multiple industries.

Join us on our mission

Do you want to shape the future of surface science together with us? Get an impression of what makes working at KRÜSS special.

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