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Our Customers

Everyone can claim to have "solutions" and to be an "expert". We are glad that our customers see us like that: as competent consultants whose products and services remove obstacles and promote the success of a project or even the entire company. 

Satisfied voices

What our customers say

Integrating handheld measuring devices is our expertise. KRÜSS was an ideal partner here to realize the integration into our Surface Scanner System for our customer.

Ralph Wörheide

Managing Director, ORONTEC

The MSA from KRÜSS is inline-capable thanks to the available API and thus offers us the chance for Industry 4.0 quality control.

Ringo Köpge

Research Associate, Frauenhofer CSP

The DSA30 is one of our helpful tools in developing sustainable plastic solutions for the future.

Iselin Grauer Moen

Engineer, Norner

We tried a lot of solutions that failed before searching for KRÜSS. We even looked at other products at a high level, but eventually, I was sold after talking to Mark, the Technical Sales Representative from KRÜSS.

Chad Bruce

President, GluDown

I like the quality and reliability of KRÜSS instruments, and the knowledgeable and rapid response from their team is always appreciated.

Christopher Gerlach

Lead Research Specialist, 3M

We are ISO certified. One of the main reasons we purchased from KRÜSS is their customer service and technical assistance.

Tom Gessner

Scientist, BASF

I have worked with KRÜSS instruments for a long time at different places and have found these very useful for my research.

Tapashi Sengupta

Sr. Coating Scientist, BAYER

With the contact angle data produced by the KRÜSS lab, we were able to choose a material that fits our device’s needs. We hope to continue working together to further characterize our device’s material surface properties as we get more in vivo data.

Charley Grove

R&D Engineer, Perikinetics

Our KRÜSS instruments have been invaluable in helping us develop easier-to-clean coatings and optimize our coating processes. In addition, the knowledge on interfacial chemistry shared by KRÜSS has been quite useful in shortening development time for new coatings.

Steven Weber

Senior Scientist R&D, Essilor

I have had wonderful experiences while working with KRÜSS. I have had several trainings on our DSA100 for which a representative has come directly to my location and spent much time needed getting myself and teammates comfortable with the instrumentation. I would recommend working with KRÜSS to anyone interested in this line of science.

Andrea Clark

Research Specialist Product Development, Land O' Lakes

The contact angle measuring instrument MSA is exactly tailored to our needs. The cooperation - especially the support during the learning phase - was excellent. Our software ideas were taken into account in the following updates. The annual maintenance, which also includes a consulting session at the customer's site, is a successful offer that Sika likes to use extensively.

Hans-Christoph Thielemann

Product Engineer, Sika

We have extensively used the KRÜSS K100 Force Tensiometer and Mobile Surface Analyzer in a variety of projects and have found them to be invaluable instruments. The much-needed repeatability and precision of the instruments gives us high confidence in the data we produce.

Geoff Allen

Member of Research Staff, Xerox

Very effective collaboration with the KRÜSS Applications & Science Team in the area of interfacial tension and method development for foam structure analysis.

Sabine Lange

Director Physicochemistry Global Innovation Cosmetic Ingredients, Symrise

Our partnership with KRÜSS has been very beneficial for those of us in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Clemson University due to the fact that we use their products everyday for drop shape analysis, sessile drop/contact angle measurements, and the measurements of interfacial properties of different fluid-fluid pairs. Their instruments have been essential for our research and even more-so for the teaching of undergraduate students who are searching for jobs in the field of surface science. The instruments that we have purchased have been easy to use and have withstood the test of time.

Konstantin Kornev

Professor - Materials Science & Engineering, Clemson University

Great products, good service and easy to work with.

Marcos Viera

Global R&D Director, Terphane

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