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Our Partners

The comprehensive consulting, training, and education services we offer are backed up by an extensive scientific network with renown partners at prestigious universities. This exchange of knowledge is also the basis for developing new measuring methods and solutions in accordance to the latest scientific standards.

North America

The partnership between KRÜSS and the Interfacial Science and Surface Engineering Lab (iSSELab) at the University of Alberta helpt to establish of a consortium for researchers from different backgrounds in the area of interfacial sciences. This facility was established in December 2015, is the first of its kind and valued over one million dollars. The KRÜSS instruments allow us to perform most of the measurements required to quantify liquid-fluid and liquid-solid interface properties at given pressure and temperature. KRÜSS support enabled us to develop a knowledge-base for research and innovation and to train more than fifteen HQPs.

Prashant R. Waghmare

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering (University of Alberta)

We are thrilled to be an academic partner of KRÜSS. This partnership introduces our students to leading-edge instrumentation and measurement techniques, and the suite of instruments also serves as an excellent demonstration facility to the wider surface science community in the Chicagoland area.

Heinrich M. Jaeger

Professor, James Franck Institute (University of Chicago)

KRÜSS has not only helped us provide undergraduates real-world, hands-on laboratory experiences, but has been instrumental in helping us create new industrial collaborations for research and capstone projects. It is always a pleasure working with their team!

John Misasi

Associate Professor, Plastics and Composites Engineering Department (Western Washington University)

The partnership with KRÜSS has been very beneficial to Rice and to my lab. My lab works on polymeric materials and we are interested in a wide-range of interfacial phenomena, including surface energy coatings, interfacial tensions at oil-water interfaces, and critical micelle concentrations. The KRÜSS equipment has enabled us to perform a variety of measurements that we would otherwise not be able to do.

Rafael Verduzco

Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Rice University)

Having the KRÜSS Surface Science Lab on campus has been a wonderful boon to our students and their research projects. KRÜSS systems and ADVANCE software make it very simple to quickly acquire and automatically analyze data to produce high-quality results with minimal fuss. It's easy to interface custom hardware which has let our users get very creative and extend the capabilities of the systems in insightful new directions.

Justin Jureller

Materials Preparation and Measurment Laboratory Manager, Chicago Materials Research Center (University of Chicago)


My connection to KRÜSS instruments goes back to my time as a student when I used the Force Tensiometer K10. Since then KRÜSS instruments have expanded and deepened my investigations in the field of colloid and interface science.

Jinfeng Dong

Professor, College of Chemistry & Molecular Science (Wuhan University)

I have worked with KRÜSS for a long time. KRÜSS provide innovative instruments, user-friendly software, and quality service. Based on my experience with the products and the services, I highly recommend working with KRÜSS.

Fan Xia

Dean and Professor, Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry (China University of Geosciences)

We have established a good cooperative relationship with KRÜSS for more than one decade. The data measured by the KRÜSS instruments have been published in dozens of papers from our lab. Their instruments are easy to operate and their service is thoughtful and timely.

Changyou Gao

Professor, Department of Polymer Science and Engineering (Zhejiang University)

I am honored that I was awarded for my lifetime achievment by KRÜSS and the China Colloid and Interface Chemistry Society. I am very thankful for the reliable and valuable relationship with KRÜSS and their support for my research.

Long Jiang

Professor, Institute of Chemistry (Chinese Academy of Sciences)


We are happy to work together with KRÜSS on developing and testing new devices to characterize the motion of moving drops.

Hans-Jürgen Butt

Professor and Director, Experimental Physics of Interfaces (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research)

KRÜSS instruments are very well designed and manufactured, and also easy to use. They have a long lifetime, and KRÜSS provides world-class technical support to keep them running.

Julian Eastoe

Professor of Chemistry (University of Bristol)

The instruments of KRÜSS have always being setting the standards of high quality and convenience in the area of interface characterization. We have more than ten KRÜSS instruments in our department and use them all the time.

Nikolai Denkov

Professor, Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering (Sofia University)

As a researcher and teacher, I appreciate the prompt development in instrumentation which have recently occurred within KRÜSS, particularly the new High Pressure Foam Analyzer which enables data on the formation, stability and structure of foams to be measured under real industrial processing conditions.

Robert John Pugh

Visiting Professor, School of Science and Technology (Nottingham Trent University)

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Would you like to provide your students with our measuring instruments and lead research projects in the field of interfacial analysis to success? We look forward to a fruitful partnership and scientific exchange with you.

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