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Drop Shape Analyzer


The versatile instrument for semi-automatic wettability analysis

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA30S for wettability analysis

The Standard configuration of the DSA30 Drop Shape Analyzer is designed for the semi-automatic measurement of the static and dynamic contact angle and the scientific assessment of wettability by means of the surface free energy (SFE). The instrument is well-suitable for the reliable quality assurance of surface pre-treatment processes as well as the development and optimization of wetting and coating procedures. Accessories for ultrafast one-click SFE measurement as well as wetting analysis at higher temperatures enhance the spectrum of the instrument.


  • Quality assurance and optimization of activation processes such as plasma treatment, flame treatment, or corona treatment before coating or bonding

  • Analyzing the wettability of plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, paper, or metal

  • Analyzing surface cleanliness

  • Wetting analysis at controlled temperature

Measuring methods

  • Contact angle of a drop on a solid surface

  • Contact angle using a gas bubble beneath a solid surface in a liquid

  • Contact angles of two drops dosed in parallel

  • Surface free energy of a solid using contact angle data

  • Surface tension using the curvature of a perfectly symmetrical drop on a circular sample pedestal

  • Roll-off behavior and advancing/receding contact angle of a drop on a tilted surface

  • Contact angle at an immersed, cylindrical sample, usually a fiber

  • Carrying out a measurement up to 20 consecutive times and displaying the results together

  • Remote control of ADVANCE for integration in custom-designed, complex automations

Measuring results

  • Static contact angle

  • Advancing and receding contact angle

  • Contact angle using a bubble in a liquid

  • Surface free energy (SFE) according to the following models: Owens-Wendt-Rabel-Kaelble (OWRK), Fowkes, Wu, Zisman, Equation of State

  • Temperature

Controlled drop dosing and easy sample positioning

With the DSA30S, dosing is carried out under software control. Accurately adjustable drop volume and speed ensure repeatable conditions and user-independent results, which is vital for quality control.


Precise measurements of the advancing and receding angle run smoothly thanks to the adjustable dosing dynamics. This measuring mode leads to a statistically significant mean value for the measured sample position.

The DSA30S is also equipped with three manual axes for moving the sample to the required positions quickly and precisely without having to touch the sample.



Reliable drop shape analysis thanks to high imaging quality

The DSA30S features a high-resolution camera and a quality zoom lens for accurate display of the drop with optimum size. The high image quality that this achieves leads to a precisely measured contact angle. Combined with the intelligent image evaluation algorithm of the ADVANCE software, drop shape analysis with the instrument provides exact results.



Software procedures for accurate time control

The ADVANCE software can automatically start the measurement process immediately after dosing, thus enabling raw data to be recorded without losing any time. This is particularly important for samples that show a time-dependent wetting behavior.

Dosing automation at the highest level

Equip your instrument with the optional Dosing Hub, our flexible positioning and changing system for up to three combinable dosing units. Together with software-controlled dosing solutions, the system performs automatic and fast surface free energy measurements with up to four liquids, for example. The Dosing Hub also integrates temperature-controlled dosing units and other special solutions.

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Liquid Needle dosing

Surface free energy in seconds

With the Liquid Needle, the contact angle measurement technology is perfectly prepared for quality assurance as well as R&D. Learn more about the ideas that enable the Liquid Needle to combine speed with scientific excellence.

Satisfied voices

The DSA30 is one of our helpful tools in developing sustainable plastic solutions for the future.

Iselin Grauer Moen

Senior Engineer, Norner


  • Intuitive software with a workflow-oriented user interface

  • Swift and repeatable analyses thanks to measurement templates and powerful automation functions

  • Superior algorithms for image analyses provide for precise results even with difficult images

  • A wide range of evaluation methods makes ADVANCE a reliable scientific tool

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