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Drop Shape Analyzer


The manual premium solution for changing contact angle tasks

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100B for contact angle

The Basic configuration of the DSA100 Drop Shape Analyzer combines manual precision measurement of the static contact angle with the technical advantages and robustness of the DSA100 system solution. With fast and simple exchange of solid samples and dosing liquids, the instrument assists you in ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning procedures or the quality of coating and wetting processes. Optional accessories for wetting measurements at higher temperatures and manifold upgrade options enhance the spectrum of the instrument.


  • Analyzing wettability of plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, paper, or metal

  • Analyzing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings and other coatings

  • Analyzing surface cleanliness

  • Wetting analysis at controlled temperature

Measuring methods

  • Contact angle of a drop on a solid surface

  • Contact angle using a gas bubble beneath a solid surface in a liquid

  • Roll-off behavior and advancing/receding contact angle of a drop on a tilted surface

  • Surface tension using the curvature of a perfectly symmetrical drop on a circular sample pedestal

  • Contact angle at an immersed, cylindrical sample, usually a fiber

Measuring results

  • Static contact angle

  • Contact angle using a bubble in a liquid

  • Temperature

The DSA100: Why we call it premium

Comprehensive and versatile wetting and adhesion analysis for almost all surfaces and tasks: see what’s possible with the DSA100.

Manual precision dosing for quick changes of liquids

Thanks to the fine adjustment of the manual dosing unit of the DSA100B, the drop is dispensed in an accurately controlled manner. The size of the drop is therefore highly reproducible and provides a good comparison of results. The quickly replaceable syringe allows a rapid changeover between different liquids, thus enabling a high sample throughput.



Reliable drop shape analysis thanks to high imaging quality

The DSA100B features a high-resolution camera and a quality zoom lens for accurate display of the drop with optimum size. Combined with the intelligent image evaluation algorithm of the ADVANCE software, drop shape analysis with the instrument provides exact results.



Protective housing and time-saving setup

The robust housing of the DSA100B protects sensitive components such as the camera and also minimizes the troublesome effect of vibration.


Adjusting the viewing angle, which is often necessary when measuring the contact angle, is particularly easy since the position of the drop in the image does not change during this step. As a result, the otherwise necessary tracking of the sample height is eliminated. This is possible thanks to a special optical arrangement, which also creates space for large samples.



Many accessories and upgrade options

In addition to extensive accessories, e.g. for temperature control, we provide extensive upgrade options for the DSA100B to the Standard (S) and Expert (E) unit configurations. These offer you software-controlled drop dosing of up to eight liquids as well as manual or even automated horizontal and vertical sample positioning.

Dosing automation at the highest level

Equip your instrument with the optional Dosing Hub, our flexible positioning and changing system for up to three combinable dosing units. Together with software-controlled dosing solutions, the system performs automatic and fast surface free energy measurements with up to four liquids, for example. The Dosing Hub also integrates temperature-controlled dosing units and other special solutions.

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Satisfied voices

The KRÜSS Drop Shape Analyzer is a very well designed and user-friendly system. We are happy with the performance and capability it offers. The local representative is very responsive and helpful!

Yan Yang

Failure/Materials Analysis Manager, Google Nest Labs