• DSA30E


Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA30E

Comprehensive options for ensuring the quality of wetting and coating processes

The expert version of our DSA30 enables solid and liquid phases in wetting and coating processes to be analyzed with a high degree of automation. The DSA30E measures the contact angle and surface free energy of solids and the surface tension of liquids reliably and precisely. The instrument is ideal for standardized quality assurance with a high frequency of samples.

Our DSA30E is fitted with three software-controlled axes. These move the sample accurately and quickly to all programmed measuring positions, where dosing and measurement are then carried out fully automatically. Our software-controlled dosing unit with up to four test liquids measures the contact angle in rapid succession and in any sequence. An automatically determined and accurate value of the surface free energy is therefore available after a short measuring period.

Our special dosing feed with accurately adjustable drop volume guarantees particularly precise and highly reproducible measuring conditions. Our DSA30E also enables the advancing and receding angles to be measured. This averages out local inhomogeneities in the sample and enables the roughness of the solid to be assessed.

The measurement runs fully automatically based on programmable measuring sequences which we have already prepared for the main surface analysis tasks.

The measurement of surface tension can be carried out without reconfiguring the instrument, and can even be incorporated into an automatic measuring sequence. Combining the liquid data with those of a solid enables the compatibility of the two phases to be comprehensively characterized. By this means, for example, it is possible to determine the intensity of the adhesion and the long-term stability of a coating.


  • Software-controlled x- and y-axis and software-controlled lift table (z-axis)
  • Software-controlled quadruple-dosing unit
  • Zoom lens (6.5-times)
  • Camera with 1200 × 800 px at 200 fps to 90 × 60 px at 2000 fps resolution
  • Very bright, homgenous LED illumination
  • Software for measuring contact angle, surface free energy of solids and surface tension of liquids

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