• DSA25S


Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25S

The basic instrument for measuring surface free energy

The standard version of our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25 measures the contact angle with high precision and determines the surface free energy by carrying out measurements with several liquids. Our DSA25S provides rapid results for the wettability of a surface, for example for checking the quality of a cleaning or pre-treatment process.

The faithful display of the drop is facilitated by a high-quality zoom lens, which enables even small drops to be represented with optimum width, thus guaranteeing a precise measurement of the contact angle.

Dosing is carried out under software control with accurately adjustable drop volumes to ensure comparable results. Accurately controlled dosing dynamics enable the advancing and receding angles to be measured precisely. This dosing mode enables local inhomogeneities to be averaged out and therefore a reliable measurement to be recorded.

Our software can automatically start the measurement process immediately after dosing, thus enabling raw data to be recorded without losing any time and the results to be made available straight away. Easy-to-change syringes save even more time.

Our DSA25S standard version can be upgraded to the DSA25E expert instrument. The DSA25E provides software-controlled double-dosing and also enables the surface tension of a liquid to be measured.


  • Manual lift table (z-axis)
  • Software-controlled single-dosing unit
  • Zoom lens
  • Camera with 1200 × 800 px at 200 fps to 90 × 60 px at 2000 fps resolution
  • Very bright, homgenous LED illumination
  • Software for measuring contact angle and surface free energy of solids

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