• Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25E

    Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25E

  • Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25E with tilting table

    Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA25E with tilting table

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25E

The basic instrument for analyzing wettability and coating quality

In its expert configuration, our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25 is designed for determining the contact angle and surface free energy of solids as well as the surface tension of liquids. The flexible combination of measuring methods enables you to evaluate the interaction between solid and liquid properties, and therefore to check the quality of wetting and coating processes.

The instrument is equipped with a software-controlled double-dosing feature to enable the surface free energy to be determined quickly and precisely. Along with the rapid changeover of test liquids, the advantage of the system lies in the particularly good reproducibility of drop volumes for accurately repeatable measuring conditions.

The software can automatically start the measurement process immediately after dosing, so that raw data can be recorded without losing any time. Precise measurements of the advancing and receding angle are also possible thanks to the controlled dosing feed. This measuring mode enables local inhomogeneities to be averaged out and therefore a reliable measurement to be analyzed.

Our high-quality zoom lens enables the drop to be faithfully displayed by optimizing the display width of the drop, which increases the accuracy of the measurement.

The surface tension of liquids can also be measured using the pendant drop method without reconfiguring the instrument. An overall picture of the wetting process is obtained from the combined analysis for liquids and solids. This comprehensive analysis enables the adhesion and the long-term stability of the coating, for example, to be calculated.


  • Manual lift table (z-axis)
  • Software-controlled double-dosing unit
  • Zoom lens
  • Camera with 1200 × 800 px at 200 fps to 90 × 60 px at 2000 fps resolution
  • Very bright, homgenous LED illumination
  • Software for measuring contact angle, surface free energy of solids and surface tension of liquids

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