• Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100W

    Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100W

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100W

Fully automatic quality testing of wafer surfaces

We have specially geared the DSA100W instrument configuration of our universal Drop Shape Analyzer towards the automatic, standardized quality control of wafer surfaces. Our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100W precisely determines the homogeneity of the cleaning of a wafer surface based on the contact angle. It also enables coatings to be characterized, for example by differences in wetting of exposed and unexposed photo varnish.

The heart of the instrument is a software-controlled, circular sample table which is mounted on a likewise software-controlled, horizontal axis. With this arrangement, every position on the wafer can be accessed quickly, automatically and accurately for measuring the contact angle. The dosing unit produces drops with precisely adjusted volume, which guarantees exactly reproducible measuring conditions. The gentle depositing of the drop and our dynamically controlled dosing system, which dispenses the drop directly onto the sample, prevents measurement deviations which can occur due to unintentional pre-wetting.

The software controls the measurement fully automatically based on standardized measuring procedures. In doing so, positions, which have been defined and stored in advance, are approached and measured one after the other. This achieves a rapid sequence of measurements and a correspondingly high sample throughput as well as a high degree of standardization.

Numerous upgrades are possible for our DSA100W, for example to a lens with software-controlled zoom and focus adjustment for improved measuring convenience. We also provide a semi-automatic lift table and a multi-dosing unit for determining the surface free energy with several test liquids.

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