• DSA25B


Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25B

The basic instrument for measuring contact angle

The basic configuration of our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25 is suitable for accurately measuring the contact angle with a test liquid. The instrument is ideal for high-speed wetting tests, for example for checking a coating or pre-treatment process and the wetting of a coating substance.

Thanks to the fine adjustment of our manual dosing unit, the drop is dispensed in an accurately controlled manner. The size of the drop is therefore highly reproducible and provides a good comparison of results. The quickly replaceable syringe allows a rapid changeover between different liquids, thus enabling a high sample throughput to be achieved with the instrument. Our specially developed depositing mechanism ensures gentle contact between sample and liquid. This enables the contact angle to be measured with high accuracy, as undesirable pre-wetting is avoided.

The standard lens of the DSA25B can be upgraded to a zoom lens. This enables even small drops to be displayed in the image with an optimum width, and to be analyzed with high accuracy.


  • Manual lift table (z-axis)
  • Manual single-dosing unit
  • Fixed-focus lens
  • Camera with 1200 × 800 px at 200 fps to 90 × 60 px at 2000 fps resolution
  • Very bright, homgenous LED illumination
  • Software for measuring contact angle

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