As a manufacturer of measuring instruments for interfacial chemistry, we believe that one of our main tasks is to support you with the quality assurance, optimization and research for your products or processes.

We have designed our wide range of services in a flexible manner to meet your individual needs and requirements.

  • KRÜSS Surface Science Center: Our applications laboratory provides a reliable analysis of your samples and, to this end, offers a globally unique range of interfacial chemical methods as well as measurements in accordance with the main norms and standards.
  • KRÜSS Customer Support Lab: We pass on our technical knowledge to you in educational seminars on interfacial chemistry. We offer individual training in our methods, measuring instruments and software to enable you to get the best out of our instruments and methods for your tasks.
  • KRÜSS Technical Service: We want you to use your KRÜSS instrument for a long time and with the same reliability as on the very first day. To achieve this, as well as professional setup and associated training, we also offer regular maintenance as part of a service contract. If required, our flexible service team will also ensure reliably and in a very short time that your instrument is working correctly.
  • KRÜSS Knowhow Transfer: On this website, we offer comprehensive, freely accessible information on surface chemistry. This includes a specialized scientific glossary, a comprehensive list of technical literature and informative application reports as well as a comprehensive summary of substance data. As the owner of a KRÜSS instrument, you also have access to a literature database as well as to manuals and updates for downloading.