State of the art quality control with our MSA

Experience all features of the Mobile Surface Analyzer ‒ MSA at a glance on our new microsite.

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Temperature control units for our K100: Peltier and 300 °C

The Peltier temperature control unit TJ50 enables measurements between -15 to 130 °C. Heating up to 300 °C, the high temperature control unit TJ60 is especially designed for analysis of polymer melts or bitumen.

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Automated wetting analysis of large samples

Our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100L with its wide frame is specially equipped to measure samples with an area of up to 500 x 500 mm

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High-pressure foam analysis: enhancing oil production

Our new High Pressure Foam Analyzer – HPFA simultaneously analyzes foam stability and structure under reservoir conditions for EOR.

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ADVANCE software features for drop shape analysis in 3 new videos

We show you a selection of useful functions of ADVANCE that make working with our contact angle instruments especially comfortable and efficient.

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Knowledge transfer in our international seminars

For the next months, we invite you to a series of seminars on interfacial chemistry at many locations worldwide. Our experts and renown guest speakers pass on their knowledge in contact angle, surface tension, and foam analysis.

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  • New microsite for our MSA New microsite for our MSA All advantages of the MSA for mobile quality assurance
  • New temperature control accessories for our K100 New temperature control accessories for our K100 For measurements from -15 up to 300°C
  • Our new Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100L Our new Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100L Analyze the wettability of large samples
  • Our new High Pressure Foam Analyzer – HPFA Our new High Pressure Foam Analyzer – HPFA Investigate foam under oil reservoir conditions for EOR
  • Three new ADVANCE videos Three new ADVANCE videos Insight in innovative software features for drop shape analysis
  • Our Seminars in 2018 Our Seminars in 2018 Have a look at our overview of forthcoming international seminars on interfacial chemistry.

Advancing your Surface Science

As specialists in interfacial chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, we not only provide high quality product solutions – our offer is a combination of technology and scientific consulting. These include seminars and technical service as well as our Applications & Science Center for trainings and professional measurement services.

Our exclusive distribution network and our locations in Hamburg (Germany), the US, China, Great Britain and France allow us to provide fast, flexible support for R&D labs and in quality control throughout the world. Our expertise, precision and passion have already convinced many prestigious companies in countless industries.


New software and temperature control up to 300 °C for KRÜSS Premium Tensiometer K100

ADVANCE software with powerful automation processes and temperature-controlled measurements between -15 and 300 °C

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New website for our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA

All information on rapid, mobile wetting analysis for quality assurance at a glance

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