• Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP50

    Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP50

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP50

Measuring surfactant content and dynamic surface tension on the move

By checking the surfactant content of a cleaning or galvanic bath directly on site, with the utmost precision and in just a few seconds, our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP50 provides optimum support for your process control. The BP50 measures the dynamic surface tension, which, particularly in the case of high surfactant content, reacts sensitively to changes in concentration. Our BP50 has been specially developed for use in quality assurance. During the flexible high-speed test, the software automatically signals whether the measured value lies within a limiting range that you have set or whether the surfactant content needs to be adjusted.

Analysis of surfactants for high-speed processes

A further strength of our BP50 lies in the reliable analysis of the effect of surfactants in highly dynamic processes such as spraying or printing. The dynamic surface tension at a surface age of a few milliseconds indicates how effectively, for example, a wetting agent acts in this short time and whether it should be replaced or supplied with a different dosage. The BP50 also maps large surface ages with equal precision, and therefore provides access to the behavior of a surfactant in very fast to very slow processes. This knowledge enables you to optimize the use of surfactant for your process speed.

Technical solutions for simplicity and precision

For contaminating or solidifying liquids such as inks or varnishes, the disposable capillaries of our BP50 are the right solution. Yet another idea simplifies and speeds up measurements which are carried out with the instrument held in hand. While, with the bubble pressure technique, the capillary must be constantly immersed at all times, with the BP50, the immersion depth has no effect on the measurement.

Transparency in measurement and data management  

With integral and flexibly adaptable measuring templates, our LabDesk tensiometer software reduces preparation time to a minimum. The LabDesk software supports simple results management with automatic overview diagrams, comprehensive measuring reports and transparent data organization, right down to the free combination of data measured with different types of tensiometer. The comprehensive and expandable substance database makes LabDesk a data pool of the substances which are important to you.

Questions and applications

  • Surfactant development
  • Optimization of spray processes
  • Development of washing and cleaning processes
  • Optimization of painting and printing processes
  • Checking the surfactant content in galvanic baths and cleaning baths

Measuring methods and options

  • Measurement of surface tension as a function of surface age
  • Long-term measurement of surface tension at constant surface age
  • High-speed test at constant surface age with validity evaluation based on specified limits
  • Temperature measurement and recording

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