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Bubble Pressure Tensiometer


Analysis of surfactant solutions for dynamic processes

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100 for analysis of surfactant solutions for dynamic processes

The BP100 Bubble Pressure Tensiometer analyzes the mobility of surfactants based on the dynamic surface tension (SFT). This allows you to find out how quickly surface-active substances such as detergents or wetting agents achieve the required reduction of the SFT. With the help of this information, you can optimize formulations for dynamic processes such as spraying, coating, printing, or cleaning.


  • Use of surfactants in spray processes

  • Formulation and optimization of detergents for washing and cleaning processes

  • Wetting agents for coating and printing

  • Surfactant research and development

Measuring methods

  • Dynamic surface tension using the Laplace pressure of a gas bubble at a capillary in a liquid

Measuring results

  • Dynamic surface tension (SFT) as a function of surface age

  • Time-dependent SFT at a constant surface age

  • Adsorption coefficient and diffusion coefficient

  • SFT of the solvent and the equilibrium SFT (extrapolation in accordance with Hua & Rosen)

  • Temperature of the liquid

  • Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BP100 for analysis of surfactant solutions for dynamic processes

    The bubble formation speed is automatically varied in the temperature-controlled sample.

Perfectly equipped for time-dependent SFT measurement

The automatic BP100 measures surface tension (SFT) by detecting the internal pressure of air bubbles with a high-precision sensor. In doing so, the instrument varies the bubble formation rate (surface age) in the liquid sample over a wide range. This results in SFT values that are exactly correlated with time.

A thermostat jacket ensures the exact adjustment of the measuring temperature in order to simulate thermal process conditions. Optional disposable capillaries save cleaning time and simplify the investigation of contaminating or solidifying liquids such as inks or varnishes.



Versatile in measurement, data management, and evaluation

With integral and flexibly adaptable measuring templates, the software for the BP100 reduces your preparation time to a minimum. It supports simple results management with automatic overview diagrams, comprehensive measuring reports, and transparent data organization.

As a special feature, the software can also scientifically characterize the mobility of surfactants by means of the adsorption coefficient and diffusion coefficient. This provides a comprehensive picture of the substances and helps to specifically model products containing surfactants with respect to their time behavior.

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