• Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100M

    Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100M

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100M

The precision contact angle measuring instrument for microscopically small samples

We have specially developed the micro configuration of our high-class DSA100 system solution for measuring wetting on very small samples. The instrument enables drops in the picoliter range to be accurately dosed and their shape analyzed in order to measure the contact angle precisely. Our DSA100M helps you to optimize wetting and coating processes on very small surfaces such as hair or on microchip contacts.

Our special dosing units for 20 or 60 picoliter minimum volume dispense microscopically small drops of test liquid onto the required measuring point on the sample. Dosing, for example on a hair, is carried out with pinpoint accuracy with the help of a high-quality observation lens. Working with two test liquids also enables the surface free energy of this tiny surface to be calculated precisely. The surface free energy provides important information, for example for the adhesion of a fiber coating.

Even ultra-small, quickly evaporating drops can be precisely analyzed with the help of our high-speed camera. Thanks to the high-quality microscopic lens and particularly powerful illumination, the DSA100M has an outstandingly high image quality, which enables excellent measuring results to be achieved in the micro range.

Questions and applications

  • Investigation of artificial and natural fibers for composite materials
  • Wettability of contact points for semiconductors
  • Optimization and development of hair care products
  • Wettability of biochips
  • Micromechanical components
  • Microfluidics

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