Upgrade subscription with the ADVANCE Software Assurance

Benefit from our continuing developments

The time for acquiring anything high-tech never seems to be right: One doesn‘t want to miss the next innovation step which is always imminent. ADVANCE, our universal software for interfacial analysis, is no exception to this rule. With at least one and usually two annual releases we continuously extend the range of functions with new powerful features. With regular upgrades in the framework of the ADVANCE Software Assurance you will never miss a new development and always work with the latest version.

The safe and simple way of staying up-to-date

Upgrading ADVANCE is as easy as the software itself. With no uninstallation necessary, the new version is operational within minutes. Each upgrade is compatible with any results you have collected. In many cases previous raw data can even be reanalyzed with improved algorithms or evaluated with new methods.

Two opportunities, one best choice

The ADVANCE Software Assurance contract has a minimum term of three years. We electively offer it as an alternative to an instant purchase. We consider it advantageous because the annual fee for the first three years is exactly one third of the price for an instant purchase, which comes without upgrades. When cancelling the contract, you can still use ADVANCE for an unlimited time, you just don‘t receive any more upgrades. In spite of the benefits of the Software Assurance, we still offer the instant purchase option for customers who cannot or do not want to enter a time-based contract.

Special offer for users of ADVANCE 1.7 upwards

If you already work with an ADVANCE version from 1.7 upwards, you can now enter the Software Assurance with retroactive effect. This option is available until June 30, 2018. Just contact your Technical Consultant at KRÜSS or your local distributor.