New temperature control units for the Force Tensiometer – K100

Powerful accessories for measurements between -15 und 300 °C

Two newly developed temperature control units allow measurements with our Force Tensiometer – K100 under precisely defined thermal conditions in an extremely wide temperature range.

The Temperature Control Unit – TJ50 exploits the Peltier effect for tensiometric measurements between -15 and 130 °C. The unit rapidly reaches the target temperature and keeps it stable due to excellent insulation. This not only applies to high and low temperatures, but also to normal conditions (293.2 °K), which is almost impossible for standard thermostats to maintain. The temperature control housing of the unit also encompasses an electromagnetic stirrer, ensuring rapid homogenization of the sample temperature. Moreover, the TJ50 includes a cooling unit for the Peltier element so that separate counter-cooling is not necessary.

The electrically heated temperature control unit TJ60, which quickly and reliably reaches target temperatures of up to 300 °C, opens up completely new tensiometric fields of work. It enables, for instance, measurements of the surface tension of polymer melts or bitumen. The supplied disposable sample vessels made of the excellent heat conductor aluminum solve the problem of persistent contamination. Oxidation of the samples can also be avoided by connecting an inert gas.

Both temperature control units TJ50 and TJ60 are available from now on.