New high-intensity lighting for contact angle determination

Extremely bright, monochromatic LED lighting optimizes drop shape analysis precision

Starting in April 2015, our Drop Shape Analyzers – DSA100, DSA30 and DSA25 will be equipped with a new lighting system developed in house. Thanks to its outstanding luminous intensity, this LED-based illumination will improve drop shape analysis precision in all KRÜSS stationary contact angle measuring instruments. The bright light allows for very short exposure times, which enables fast imaging speeds while providing a clear contrast between the drop and the background. We also provide a special filter to ensure that the quality of the camera image benefits as much as possible from the high luminous intensity while the brightness is not unpleasant for the operator of the instrument.

The new lighting system has two settings, one for standard and one for high-speed operation. This simplifies the image brightness control in the ADVANCE – Drop Shape software, so that only a single parameter – the camera exposure time – needs to be set.

The monochromatic character of the light offers advantages as well. First, because the light does not have any infrared radiation component, the ambient temperature surrounding the drop being analyzed remains stable. Second, the light is not dispersed into spectral colors as it passes through the glass lens of the optic, and this optimizes edge and contour definition. The selection of a blue, i.e. shortwave light, and the exceeding homogeneity of the lighting also have a positive effect on image definition.