New Drop Positioning function facilitates interfacial tension measurement

A module of the ADVANCE software for our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT automatically keeps the drop in the center of the image

Our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT measures the interfacial tension by optically analyzing a drop in a rotating capillary. The motoric inclination of the capillary is used to position the drop in its center, which is also where the moveable camera captures the drop. With its new Drop Positioning module the ADVANCE software adjusts the angle and camera position fully automatically, thus keeping the drop reliably in the center of the video image. Manual readjustment of the capillary inclination and the camera is no longer necessary.

This new function is especially convenient for long-term measurements. Over a longer period of time even slow movements of the drop can result in it exiting the captured image. In that case, evaluation would no longer be possible. Thanks to the Drop Positioning function even such measurements can be carried out fully automatically without having to be monitored.

Where smaller interfacial tensions are concerned, multiple drops often form instead of just one. This can make evaluation difficult with conventional software. With the aid of the new ADVANCE module the drop intended for the analysis can now be selected and kept in the center of the image with the Drop Positioning function. This new feature is especially beneficial in the preparation phase, because no new dosing is necessary even if there are split drops.

The Drop Positioning module is available immediately for the latest ADVANCE Version 1.7. If you would like to find out more, our technical consultants at KRÜSS or our exclusive international partners would be glad to help you.