Foam analysis now even easier and more precise

Improved sample holder for the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100

Our Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 is a modular measurement system with a simple plug-in mechanism that connects the sample holder and attached measurement column to the foaming gas connection. The newly designed sample holder SH4511 and adapted measurement column make measurement preparation even simpler. The ergonomic design of the holder facilitates its handling and especially the insertion into the measuring instrument. Moreover, a flat seal is no longer required between the measurement column and the holder, which speeds up preparation and cleaning.

When carrying out foam structure analysis with the DFA100 Foam Structure Module – FSM, the new sample holder ensures increased accuracy as the prism column is now locked in place with a metal pin. This ensures that the prism surfaces are always perpendicular and aligned with the camera without any distortion. This guarantees even more reliable evaluation of absolute bubble sizes and their statistical distribution. The new sample holder is of course compatible with existing prism columns that do not have this locking option.