Contact angle measurements with high resolution and speed

New USB 3.0 camera optimizes wetting analysis with our Drop Shape Analyzers

Starting immediately, we are equipping all of our Drop Shape Analyzers – DSA25, DSA30 and DSA100 with a new high-performance video camera. Data transfer via USB 3.0 provides an ideal combination of high resolution and frame rate – with up to 200 frames per second at a full resolution of 1200 × 800 pixels. Therefore, our DSA series instruments can capture wetting processes with high data density. The enormous quantity of image information with, at the same time, very low noise makes drop shape analysis by our ADVANCE software extremely precise.

For the investigation of particularly rapid processes such as the wetting of absorbent materials, the possibilities of the camera can be expanded. By reducing the image size, speeds of up to 2000 frames per second are possible; yet the foundation of data still leads to reliable analyses. Thanks to the high sensitivity to light of the camera, which can detect even a few photons, no special illumination is needed at even the highest speeds. The setting of video parameters is very user-friendly: Depending on the desired speed, the ADVANCE software automatically reduces the image size and optimizes the exposure time of the camera.

All instruments of the DSA25, DSA30 or DSA100 series ordered beginning on July 1st are equipped with the new camera. Customers with a Drop Shape Analyzer acquired after January 1st, 2013 can also benefit from the capabilities of the new camera through an upgrade. Please contact one of our technical consultants.