ADVANCE update – peak performance for large data volume

Optimized measurement handling of extensive amounts of data with ADVANCE update 1.6

Our ADVANCE software controls most of our measuring instruments and is currently being extended to become the universal platform for all our products. With the ADVANCE 1.6 update, we have focused on a performance improvement for measurements with large data volume. This has advantages, for example, when measuring contact angles in order to analyze fast wetting processes where a high camera speed is needed. ADVANCE 1.6 masters the laborious drop shape analysis, image by image, and the processing of correspondingly long lists of results with ease.

In the field of foam analysis, the increased performance is particularly evident when parallel detections, for example of foam height and bubble structure, are carried out over a longer period. ADVANCE 1.6 accesses the resulting extensive databases with great efficiency. However, you will also benefit from the software’s shorter loading and response times with all other applications.

We are supplying all our contact angle measurement and foam analysis instruments as well as our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT with ADVANCE 1.6 with immediate effect. If you already have an ADVANCE license, you can update free of charge. To do this, please get in touch with your KRÜSS representative or use our contact form.