New website for our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA

All information on rapid, mobile wetting analysis for quality assurance at a glance

With our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA and its One-Click SFE measurement within a second, we have prepared the way for quality control of surfaces with the contact angle method. On a new website dedicated to the MSA you can see for yourself what advantages this instrument has when testing pre-treated, coated or cleaned surfaces.

In addition to a video presenting the technical highlights of the instrument, you will find detailed background information about all of its functions. This includes information about innovations such as the novel Liquid Needle dosing technology, and, above all, links to scientific publications about the One-Click SFE method. For example, you will discover how much more significant the results of contact angle measurements are with the MSA compared to the test inks method. Furthermore, get familiar with the performance capabilities of the provided software ADVANCE and see further details about the equipment and technical characteristics.

Visit our new website for the MSA: