New drop contour standard for calibrating our Drop Shape Analyzers

Our test medium CP70 contains all necessary drop shapes printed on one glass slide to simplify calibration

We offer different calibration standards so you can regularly validate the optical drop shape analysis carried out with your KRÜSS instrument within the framework of your quality management. These standards consist of glass slides with model shapes which have been accurately calculated and printed with high precision. The new standard CP70, which makes calibration especially simple and reliable, is available immediately for our Drop Shape Analyzers.

There is no need for one standard for each shape as the CP70 has all necessary drop shapes on a single glass slide. This means you only have to carry out presetting once and then you can measure all shapes in one go. You can even perform calibration fully automatically with our ADVANCE software and a motorized horizontal axis. A double cross-hair on the front and rear side of the slide helps align the camera exactly.

The slide has shapes of sessile drops with the values 30°, 60° and 120° for contact angle measurement as well as pendant drops for surface tensions of 30 mN/m and 70 mN/m. The sessile drops are also printed in a strongly scaled-down form in order to enable calibration of the shape analysis with picoliter drops using the Drop Shape Analyzers – DSA100M and DSA30M. All contours accurately follow the ideal physical drop shape in accordance with Young-Laplace, which results from the force equilibrium between surface tension and gravity.

The standard is also available as a CP70C with an accompanying certificate by an independent institute, which confirms that the high degree of accuracy has been validated.