ADVANCE software now with touch operation

Perfect for mobile quality assurance, space-saving for use in the lab environment

We will present a new version of our ADVANCE software for interfacial analysis, which is designed for touch operation, at analytica in Munich, Germany, from April 10 to 13. This new development within the software is particularly important for production-related quality assurance where mobility is key. One of its main uses is for the on-site measurement of surface free energy with our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA to check pretreated or cleaned plastic, metal, and glass surfaces.

Touch displays are gaining ground in the lab environment too, as they save on space and are easy to clean, whereas keyboards are generally unsuitable for the lab bench. These reasons are precisely why the new ADVANCE version features all the contact angle measurement, tensiometry and foam analysis methods adjusted to touch-sensitive monitors.

The new ADVANCE version works with two alternative user interfaces which are optimized for both touch or mouse and keyboard operation. No separate training is necessary, because the user guidance for both types of operation is almost identical. The desired option is not determined during the installation process, but instead can be subsequently adjusted at any time. In touch mode, every subsection of the interface segmented into tiles can be displayed in full screen mode where the touch elements are emphasized. The annoying situation of accidentally touching neighboring elements is as good as eliminated – even on small displays.

The official release will be in the first half of 2018. If you acquire a KRÜSS instrument together with an ADVANCE Software Assurance now you will automatically receive an upgrade of ADVANCE which includes touch operation, as well as many further upgrades in the future.