• Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP

    Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100HP

Wetting and surface tension under extreme pressures and temperatures

Our DSA100HP is our high-quality solution for the precise measurement of contact angle and surface tension and interfacial tension under high pressures and temperatures, primarily for tertiary oil recovery. The DSA100HP combines our Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100 for optical drop shape analysis with a high-quality measuring cell for high-pressure applications up to 1750bar. It determines the surface tension, and analyzes the wetting of oil-bearing rock by surfactant solutions under the extreme pressure and temperature conditions found in reservoirs. The results help in the extraction of oil from layers of rock in the most effective manner using tertiary oil recovery (EOR) methods such as steam or surfactant flooding, and thereby increase the yield. The instrument equally reliably measures the wettability by gases which liquidize under pressure, for example for optimizing extraction processes with carbon dioxide.

Investigations under storage conditions for crude oil

The accurate and easy-to-use dosing units of our high-quality DSA100HP measuring system dispense drops onto solid samples in order to measure the wetting at high pressures and temperatures based on the contact angle. The instrument also enables measurements to be carried out on solids in a surrounding oil phase. The result shows how well the oil can be extracted from the rock by wetting the rock with an aqueous phase.

The precise measurement of surface tension under storage conditions using the DSA100HP is very informative in the characterization of a surfactant solution which is used for flooding a crude oil reservoir. This should be as low as possible to ensure that the rock is well wetted. The interfacial tension between oil and flooding solution, which can likewise be measured with high precision, should also be as low as possible to enable the oil to be mobilized by the aqueous phase. The measurement results help to optimize oil-water emulsions in order to realize the full potential of a reservoir.

Wettability by liquefied gases during extraction

Thanks to an external gas connection, our DSA100HP is likewise outstandingly suitable for measuring wetting by supercritical carbon dioxide. Wetting of the solid plays a major role in extraction processes which use this pressure-liquefied gas. The extraction process, for example the decaffeination of coffee, can be optimized with the help of wetting measurements carried out with the DSA100HP.

The optimal configuration for your requirements

Measuring instruments up to 40 bar and up to 690 bar, in each case at temperatures up to 200 °C, cover the low to medium pressure range. The new, heatable Mini Dosing System – MDS, which requires only a low sample volume and is distinguished by particularly easy handling and cleaning, is available for these versions. The measuring range is substantially extended with the third variant up to 1750 bar at up to 250 °C. This will enable you to obtain reliable data even under extreme reservoir conditions.

We would be pleased to develop customized solutions to suit your exact requirements and measurement tasks.

Tasks and applications

  • Surface tension of surfactant solutions and their interfacial tension with oil under storage conditions
  • Wettability of and extraction of oil from oil-bearing rock
  • Pressure extraction by means of liquefied gases, e.g. carbon dioxide
  • Development of surfactants for liquid gases

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