Our declared objective is to pass on to you expertise to enable you to get the best out of our instruments for your application and your process. Our various application cases are intended to help you find the most suitable measuring method for your task. For this reason, we have put together instructive information on a large number of materials and typical interfacial chemical applications.

  • You will find out how you can optimize wetting and adhesion based on the contact angle and ensure the quality of surface pre-treatments such as cleaning or activation.
  • We tell you how you can optimize the use of surfactants as cleaners, wetting agents or emulsifiers by measuring the surface tension and interfacial tension.
  • You will be given information on our foam analysis methods which will help you with specific foam generation or with the prevention of unwanted foam.
  • We tell you how you can simulate your process with variable measurement conditions, such as temperature, pressure or speed, to enable you to use the measurement results for optimization purposes.

Even if you cannot find your application or material under our application cases, we are sure to be able to help you further. Simply give us a call or use our form.