• Fabric produced from bundled carbon fibers

    Fabric produced from bundled carbon fibers

Determining the wettability of carbon fiber tows from single fiber contact angle data

Our new application report as a guest author contribution

Fibers are embedded in a plastic matrix during the manufacture of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics. A decisive factor is the good wettability of the fibers; poor wettability goes hand in hand with undesirable air inclusions and insufficient adhesion. It is therefore advantageous to know the fiber wettability in all processing stages during process design and quality monitoring: from individual fibers, via the bundled fibers, right up to the fabrics produced from those bundled fibers.

The guest authors of our new application report have demonstrated in a recently published study how the wettability of fiber bundles can be predicted by measuring the contact angles of single fibers. Valuable information, relevant for the entire downstream process of fiber processing and embedding, can therefore be obtained from a single measurement.

The report concisely summarizes the study published in the scientific journal Carbon. We would like to thank the authors Jian Wang, Si Qiu, Carlos A. Fuentes, Dongxing Zhang, Xungai Wang, Aart Willem Van Vuure and David Seveno for their contribution on our website.

Download our application report AR284.

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