• ADVANCE with touch operation

    ADVANCE with touch operation

  • Live view of a measurement with raw data presentation in ADVANCE

    Live view of a measurement with raw data presentation in ADVANCE

ADVANCE Software

Intuition at first glance

ADVANCE is our innovative software for instruments in interfacial chemistry analysis that sets new standards in intuitive operability. The functions that are relevant for the current step are arranged in tiles, and display all of the elements that are necessary in the context. By avoiding menus and pop-ups, ADVANCE eliminates unnecessary clicks and time-consuming searches for hidden elements.

The philosophy of convenient software orienting on the user experience was the main vision behind ADVANCE. Programming automated procedures has been made especially easy. This includes automated data processing for calculating final results as well as exporting the data. Due to straightforward procedures and clear user guidance, measurement failures caused by operating errors are virtually ruled out.

The ADVANCE principle

The operating concept of ADVANCE follows a universal workflow from preparation to evaluation on which every scientific measurement is based in principle. The software mirrors this workflow organically, thus making software operation intuitive.

Step 1: Preparing the measurement

The process starts with editing information on the sample as well as setting parameters for the measurement and its automated procedures.

Step 2: Performing the measurement

Now the instrument enters the stage. Depending on the degree of automation, ADVANCE takes complete control and presents recorded raw data in a live view.

Step 3: Reviewing results

The measurement is finished. ADVANCE shows all measuring data in clearly arranged tables and charts.

Step 4: Evaluating and exporting results

Finally, ADVANCE uses scientific models to calculate con­clusive results from raw data. With a few clicks comprehensive reports or export files are created for further processing or archiving.

ADVANCE with touch operation

ADVANCE works with two alternative user interfaces which are optimized for both touch or mouse and keyboard operation. No separate training is necessary, because the user guidance for both types of operation is almost identical. The desired option is not determined during the installation process, but instead can be subsequently adjusted at any time. In touch mode, every subsection of the interface segmented into tiles can be displayed in full screen mode where the touch elements are emphasized. The annoying situation of accidentally touching neighboring elements is as good as eliminated – even on small displays.

      Insight into ADVANCE

      In this video series, you will get to know the intuitive ADVANCE workflow and see just how easy software control can be, even for complex tasks.

          How ADVANCE is structured

          In ADVANCE, all program areas are easily accessible with all relevant functions unconcealed on the user interface. Just a few clicks are necessary to create measurements from templates. The tile architecture of a measurement’s workspace follows the general logic of a scientific workflow from preparing and running a measurement to reviewing raw data, calculating and exporting results. An extensive and expandable database as well as flexible means to adapt ADVANCE to your purposes support its ease of use and scientific value.

          Templates speed up preparation

          ADVANCE uses measurement templates as a quick way to a new measurement with all parameters and automation functions. Creating templates from any measurement is just as easy, as is making them available for other users utilizing import and export functions. By consistently applying templates you can solve the same tasks always in exactly the same way and thus absolutely rely on comparable results.

          Automation programming made intuitive

          In flexible automation programs, ADVANCE combines software control of your instrument with data processing functions. The actions carried out in the automation steps (procedures) can be triggered by events and linked to a waiting time. Moreover, procedures offer numerous options for repetition or continuation as well as grouping them in order to carry out loops. All this leads to easily created programs for solving even the most complex tasks, including fully automated sample analysis with subsequent data export.

          Evaluation based on scientific substance data

          ADVANCE uses an extensive substance database to scientifically evaluate the precise measurement results. The database contains the most relevant substances used in surface science and has their physical data such as surface tension or density as compiled from scientific literature readily available. Furthermore, the database can easily be extended with complementary content for included substances as well as completely new entries from the literature or your own measurements.

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