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ADVANCE | Foam Analysis

Results for every aspect of foam behavior 


Comprehensive analysis for foam creation or prevention

Normally, analyzing means determining results for things that already exist. With liquid foam it is different: you first have to generate foam in a reproducible way before you can characterize it. Teaming up with our instruments, ADVANCE reliably controls both steps of the analysis and provides you with hard facts about your soft foam.


Measure foamability and foam stability at standard conditions or even under high temperature and pressure. Use ADVANCE as the only available software for automated measurements according to Ross-Miles. Or even gather even deeper knowledge about your foam with time-dependent measurements of its liquid content and bubble structure.

Look inside your foam

ADVANCE carries out video-based analyses for your foam’s bubble structure and lets you follow the whole decay process – even at high temperature and pressure.

Carry out QC measurements for foam prevention

There’s also good news for those who don’t like foam at all: ADVANCE helps you optimize the use of defoamers by analyzing the decay speed.

Scrutinize liquid content and drainage

Moisture and its change over time is not only a stability criteria of foam, but also determines how much people enjoy the feel of it. Developers of foam-forming products obtain valuable data with liquid content measurements using ADVANCE.

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