• ADVANCE with touch operation

    ADVANCE with touch operation

  • Foam structure analysis in ADVANCE

    Foam structure analysis in ADVANCE

  • Foam Analysis in ADVANCE under high pressure

    Foam Analysis in ADVANCE under high pressure

ADVANCE | Foam Analysis

Analyzing every aspect of foam behavior

When it comes to foam analysis ADVANCE offers many features for making measurements as simple and precise as possible. Due to the high level of automation each measurement is fully reproducible and the possibility of operator errors is minimized. ADVANCE supports several instruments in the field of foam analysis with different ranges of application as well as measuring methods.

      Video | ADVANCE | Foam Analysis

      Video | ADVANCE |  Foam Analysis

      Method overview

      Supporting several instruments in the area of foam analysis, ADVANCE provides a vast number of measuring methods for a wide range of tasks and applications.

      Foam height

      Foamability and foam stability using the optically detected height of foam created reproducibly

      Foam structure

      Optically detected foam bubble sizes and their statistical distribution

      Liquid content

      Moisture and drainage behavior of foam using its electric conductibility

      Foam Flash

      Foam formation behavior of heavily foaming liquids using stirring circles

      Ross Miles foam analysis (RMFA)

      Foamability and foam stability according to ASTM D 1173

      High pressure foam

      Foam height and foam structure simultaneously analyzed under high pressure

      Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100

      ADVANCE works in optimal harmonization with our instruments. For instance, programming of automatic measurement sequences with our DFA100 is especially simple and user-friendly. ADVANCE integrates the software-controlled components of our DFA100 in complete sample analyses with a wide range of functions. Thanks to the focus on automization while developing this software, it is possible to reduce user-based alterations and errors, which otherwise could occur between or during measurements.

      Furthermore, ADVANCE enables the reproduction of any analysis made. Each measurement can include the foam height, liquid content and foam structure with the results obtained simultaneously. For this, just a few clicks are necessary to receive measurement and comparison results.

      Moreover, it is possible to choose between various measuring methods, such as the new Foam Flash method, which precisely describes the foam formation dynamics of liquid foam.

      Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA

      For measurements with our RMFA, ADVANCE combines automated analyses of foamability and foam stability using the Ross-Miles method. The software is perfectly prepared for measurements in accordance with ASTM D 1173. As required in the standard, the initial foam height and the measurements are recorded after exactly 60, 180 and 300 seconds.

      A further recommendation of the standard is that different surfactant concentrations should be examined, which is perfectly supported by the easy-to-use result comparison. Moreover, the analysis of the liquid height provides additional information for the capture of drainage.

      High Pressure Foam Analyzer – HPFA

      The cooperation between ADVANCE and our HPFA provides the best basis for complex measurements under high pressure. For significant foam analysis in the field of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) special prerequisites need to be fulfilled.

      With ADVANCE foam behavior can be observed under reservoir conditions at pressures up to 350 bar and temperatures up to 120 °C. Pressure and temperature data are transmitted continually by sensors of the instrument and recorded for each measuring point and frame by the software.

      Due to frame-by-frame storage, comparing and understanding the results is simple and clear. Configurations for image recording rates can be customized for foam formation (rapid image sequence) or foam decay (slow image sequence). The selection solely depends on your individual requirements and completes the whole range of functions.

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