• Measuring with method

    Measuring with method

Practical Contact Angle Measurement (4)

Measuring with method – but with which one?

For computer-supported drop shape analysis mathematical models are used which describe the optically determined shape. The DSA software from KRÜSS provides various methods with different application and validity ranges for this. This fourth part on practical contact angle measurement gives an overview of the methods and mentions the criteria for selecting the most suitable method.

The user of the historical goniometer for  contact angles was not plagued by the choice of method: by using a scaled rotating disk a tangent was aligned to the drop shape by hand. Today the optical evaluation is carried out by camera and software, which on the one hand represents a great step toward high-resolution and reproducibility, while on the other hand requires more know-how from the user.

Download the full technical note (TN314) on this subject.

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