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Investigating the foam-inhibiting effect of antifoaming agents in printing lacquers

Foamability and foam stability

The formulations of aqueous printing inks and lacquers normally include surfactants as wetting and dispersing agents. An unwanted side-effect of adding surfactants is the tendency to foam formation. Foaming inks and lacquers cause numerous quality problems: They make processing and quality control more difficult, and they cause faults in the print image and reduce adhesion on the medium. This is why antifoaming agents are added to aqueous printing inks and lacquers to minimize foam formation.

In the foam analysis of printing inks and lacquers, attention is paid to both the amount of foam generated and to its stability. With the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 from KRÜSS the foamability and foam stability can be determined in the course of a single measurement. In the framework of this application report the effect of two silicone-based antifoaming agents in printing lacquers is compared at the same active agent concentration. For one of these antifoaming agents the effects were also investigated at a concentration reduced by 25%.

Download our application report AR269.

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