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Benchmarking the foaming properties of a new, mild surfactant formulation according to ASTM D 1173-07

Ross Miles Foam Analysis of PolyaldoTM 10-1-CC compared to PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate and Decyl Glucoside Surfactants

The foaming properties of a recently developed, non-ionic and mild surfactant, PolyaldoTM 10-1-CC, were investigated and compared to two standard surfactants used in personal care products. In order to facilitate also a proper comparability with possible other surfactant systems the study was performed as a benchmark test following the well-established ASTM ;D ;1173-07 Ross-Miles standard for foam analysis.


All experiments were done using the KRÜSS Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA, the first instrument which facilities an automatic analysis according to ASTM ;D ;1173-07 and thereby leaving no room for uncertainties in experimental conditions. In addition to foamability and foam stability as defined in the ASTM standard also the foam density was evaluated, which can correlate with sensory properties of the foam. Foam created from PolyaldoTM 10-1-CC shows properties at ambient conditions comparable to PEG-80, while outperforming this mild surfactant at an elevated temperature of 49 ;°C. This foam study is part of a more comprehensive study comparing three surfactants which will be published in the SOFW Journal [1].

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