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Construction Adhesives
Institute headquarters Richardson, Texas
Founded 2011
Number of employees 7 and growing

How GluDown Creates Firm Foundation with Surface Science

If you have worked in the construction space in the last decade then you have heard of, seen, or performed a Glue Down project (also called a No Hole project). For many contractors, Glue Down jobs have become their preferred forming process because it enables them to leave behind time-consuming and costly methods such as drilling, nailing, or cinder block building.

Calculating adhesion before gluing 

Validating that the concrete slabs are adequately prepared to receive adhesive is critical to executing a successful Glue Down project. That’s why GluDown, Inc. partnered with KRÜSS to measure the surface free energy (SFE) and calculated the short- and long-term bond strength of slab concrete at various stages in the forming process.


Mobile, non-destructive SFE measurements are the key to successful Glue Down projects
Mobile, non-destructive SFE measurements are the key to successful Glue Down projects

How GluDown made adhesives work

KRÜSS and GluDown partnered together and this enabled GluDown to determine chemical compatibility with the adhesives commonly used in Glue Down projects. Learn more in our case study.

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A satisfied voice

We tried a lot of solutions that failed before searching for KRÜSS. We even looked at other products at a high level, but eventually, I was sold after talking to Mark, the Technical Sales Representative from KRÜSS.

Chad Bruce

President, GluDown

About GluDown


GluDown, Inc. is a national manufacturer and innovator of construction adhesives that are efficient, effective, and easy-to-use. The company was founded with the purpose of providing industrial adhesive solutions and expertise to its customers. GluDown provides solutions for tilt-up construction, and general construction to provide waterproofing and prevent frost damage in construction. Today, the company continues that mission by working directly with customers to develop industrial adhesive solutions, which not only meet their specific needs, but also help improve efficiencies and reduce overall product cost.

Surface science in almost every industry

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