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Quality managers depend on robust process monitoring for verifying consistent quality of paints, coatings, inks, cleaners, and more. Whether in the lab or on the production floor, scientific measurement allows for proactive process improvements and guarantees first-rate finished products.

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Paints and varnishes on surfaces

From spreading, adhesion, interfacial tension to the final functions of the finished coating

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Drop shape analysis

Drop shape analysis (DSA) is an image analysis method for determining the contact angle from the shadow …


ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Drop Shape

Comprehensive wetting and adhesion analysis requires intelligent and versatile software – like ADVANCE. The software supports every degree of automization up to full software control of surface free energy (SFE) measurement, SFE mapping, or tilting experiments. Using our liquid needle dosing technique, ADVANCE even accesses the SFE within a second.

BPT Mobile

Mobile quality control for cleaning and coating baths

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer

Offset printing

Quality assurance by means of interfacial chemical investigations of moistening agents, inks and printing …

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A tensiometer is a device for measuring the surface tension of a liquid and/or the interfacial tension …


Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA One-Click SFE for wettability analysis

MSA Flexible Liquid

Fast, automatic, and non-destructive wetting analysis with your liquids of choice

Mobile Surface Analyzer


Micelles are aggregates of molecules of a surfactant in a bulk liquid phase.



The versatile semi-automatic tensiometer for quality control

Force Tensiometer

Inkjet printing

Optimization of the ink, the printing process and the substrate with surface science methods

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Polar part

The polar part is that part of the surface free energy of a solid or the surface tension of a liquid …


Critical micelle concentration (CMC) and surfactant concentration

The CMC (critical micelle concentration) is the concentration of a surfactant in a bulk phase, above …


Coating of polymers

Methods for measuring wetting and adhesion

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Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25E for wettability measurement and adhesion


From one-click wettability measurement to analysis of solid-liquid adhesion

Drop Shape Analyzer

Dynamic surface tension

The dynamic surface tension (SFT) or interfacial tension (IFT) is the value of the SFT or IFT referred …


Contact angle

When an interface exists between a liquid and a solid, the angle between the surface of the liquid and …



Universal analysis of liquid and solid surfaces | K100

Determining surface and interfacial tension, contact angles, or critical micelle concentration is necessary in many industries. Whether improving surfactants, cosmetics, inks, or pharmaceutical ingredients, the benchmark tensiometer K100 is ready to give you fast and reliable results with a high degree of automation.

Surface tension as a basic parameter for controlling drop dispensing of ophthalmic solutions

About the relationship between drop volume and surface tension

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Adhesion on polymers

Contact angle and surface tension for optimizing plastic coatings

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Surfactants are so-called surface-active substances, as they reduce the surface tension of liquids or …


Soldering processes

Contact angle and surface tension as parameters for optimizing soldering processes

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Wettability describes the attempt of a solid to form a common interface with a liquid which comes into …


Paints, inks and varnishes as liquids

Surface science methods to improve wetting, dispersion stability and foam prevention

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Bubble pressure tensiometer

A bubble pressure tensiometer is an instrument for determining the dynamic surface tension. The maximum …


Owens, Wendt, Rabel and Kaelble (OWRK) method

The Owens, Wendt, Rabel and Kaelble method is a standard method for calculating the surface free energy …



Spreading describes the expansion of a liquid phase on a second liquid or solid phase (complete wetting). …


Wetting and coating of textiles

Contact angle and surface tension for optimizing the coating of functional textiles

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Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100E for wetting and adhesion analysis


The automated premium solution for wetting and adhesion analysis of solids and liquids

Drop Shape Analyzer

Production of cement and concrete

Interfacial chemistry measuring methods for the material behavior before and after setting

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An emulsion is a mixture of substances comprising liquids which are not soluble in one another and in …



Fully automated measurements of surface and interfacial tension for quality control

Force Tensiometer

Application of surfactants

Interfacial chemistry measuring methods for the research and development of surfactants and their technical …

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ASTM D 971

ASTM D 971 is a standard issued by the American standardization organization ASTM International for …


Adhesion on glass

Contact angle and surface tension in glass cleaning and coating

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Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA30E for wetting and adhesion analysis


Versatile automated wetting and adhesion analysis of solids and liquids

Drop Shape Analyzer

Coating of fibers

Methods for monitoring wetting, adhesion and cleaning

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Adhesion on metals

Contact angle and surface tension for the processing of metal surfaces

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Surface Science Online Course

Increase your knowledge and update your practical expertise in the field of surface science. Facilitated …


Webinars & Seminars

Coating of glass

Quality control of the interface chemistry of glass bonds and treated surfaces

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Quality control of cleaning and coating baths | BPT Mobile

Immerse – click – read: the Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile captures the surfactant content of your cleaning or coating bath within seconds. You will know immediately whether the bath is okay thanks to an automatic evaluation. With the intuitive, large-sized touch display, working with the BPT Mobile is almost like doing quality tests with a smartphone.


Wetting describes the degree to which a liquid spreads on a solid when it comes into contact with it. …


Transformer oil testing

Measurement of interfacial tension for ensuring the quality of transformers

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Coating of metals

Chemical interface measurements for protection, painting and bonding

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Interfacial tension

In the broader sense, interfacial tension is defined as the work which must be expended to increase …


Metal plating

Interfacial measurement techniques for characterizing wetting agents and checking for their concentration

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Production of latex

Investigations into the wetting of immersion molds and into dispersion and emulsion stability

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Surface treatment of wood

Surface tension and contact angle for optimizing the protection and bonding of wood

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Surface tension

The work which is required to increase the size of the surface of a phase is referred to as the surface …


Fiber reinforced polymers

Contact angle and surface tension for optimizing the wetting and adhesion between fibers and matrix …

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Sessile Drop

The sessile drop is the standard arrangement for optical measurement of the contact angle using drop …


Characterization of surfactants

Advanced methods for the investigation of cleaning and wettings agents, emulsifiers, foamers, and more