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Innovate Lithium-ion Batteries with Integrated Testing Technologies

In our upcoming webinar, the technical experts at KRÜSS take a deep dive into our portfolio of interfacial testing equipment and services and how it can benefit lithium-ion battery production. Learn from our team’s in-depth knowledge of interfacial testing implementation, training, and analysis.

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Dose and dab: Get rid of diiodomethane drops fast

Do you measure contact angles with diiodomethane? With the new Absorber Pen you can remove the drops quickly and safely. Learn more and watch our video!

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How to speed up filling a battery

In industrial processes, speed is always an issue. However, when filing a battery with electrolyte, one has to wait for hours before it can be charged for the first time, and there is nothing to do about it. Or is there? Read how interfacial analysis provides data the help speed up the process.

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The world of surface science condensed

All our instruments, the important accessories as well as our various services at a glance: Download our overview brochure.

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Measurement Services

Entrust your samples to our team of surface science specialists

As the probably biggest power users of our instruments, our own Applications & Science team has enormous experience when it comes to carrying out precise analyses and finding solutions to complex tasks. With our diverse measurement services, we would like to support you with our know-how and resources.


We carry out measurements for you and help you optimize your application with advice in the fields of surface and interfacial tension, contact angle and roughness measurement, foam analysis, and interfacial rheology.

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