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Explore the world of Surface Science

Welcome to the most comprehensive range of solutions in interfacial analysis. Discover all facets of this fascinating field and find the information you need.

The paint lab of the future

BASF SE has called on the expertise of ORONTEC's automation and digitalization specialists for building one of the world's most modern coatings laboratories. One component of the comprehensive Lab 4.0 project is contact angle measurement with the MSA from KRÜSS.

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Experience next generation wettability control

Discover Ayríís, the first instrument to measure the 3D Contact Angle. The sophisticated technology of this mobile stand-alone solution creates a new level of reliability in surface quality control.

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How success in the lithium-ion battery and e-mobility sector is linked to surface science

The vast number of materials that are packed together in a battery means there are countless solid and liquid interfaces with complex interactions between them. Discover how analyzing these interfaces can help optimize battery development, production, and performance.

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The future of tensiometry has started

Introducing Tensíío, the new solution for liquid and solid surfaces from the inventors of the digital tensiometer. The modular instrument is full of innovations and can do more than you think - and exactly what you need.

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Upcoming Webinar: What’s New at KRÜSS?

Wondering what we've been up to lately? Attend our live webinar on June 14th to get a deeper look into our newest products, hardware upgrades, and measurement methods. If you're someone who likes to stay in the know with the latest trends in surface science, this webinar is for you!

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The world of surface science condensed

All our instruments, the important accessories as well as our various services at a glance: Download our overview brochure.

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Measurement Services

Entrust your samples to our team of surface science specialists

As the probably biggest power users of our instruments, our own Applications & Science team has enormous experience when it comes to carrying out precise analyses and finding solutions to complex tasks. With our diverse measurement services, we would like to support you with our know-how and resources.


We carry out measurements for you and help you optimize your application with advice in the fields of surface and interfacial tension, contact angle and roughness measurement, foam analysis, and interfacial rheology.

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