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Surfaces play a role in countless industries, which is what makes surface science and our work so exciting. Below you will find some examples of industries and how they can benefit from our expertise.

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The next level surface activation control

Handheld contact angle instruments for surface analysis: the latest advances

Contact angle instruments measure the contact angle between a drop of test liquid and a substrate or coated surface. The data is used for calculating surface free energy (SFE), for example to determine the wettability of a workpiece in preparation for a bonding or coating process. Today’s contact angle instruments deliver reliable, reproducible data in around 1–2 seconds. This automated approach has clear advantages over conventional manual ink-based methods, which are slow, lack reproducibility, and are dependent on the technician’s individual assessment.

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Better battery production through surface science

How interfacial testing can improve lithium-ion battery design

Set the standard in an industry where there is none

Advances in lithium-ion battery (LiB) technology are accelerating. Fueled by growth in the EV market, demand is skyrocketing. Suppliers must scale up while ensuring consistent product performance and process efficiency. Whether it’s cutting-edge research or commercial production, testing provides the information that drives innovation.


More than accuracy and precision, reliable testing requires consistency – not just test-to-test, but across the entire development and production cycle. However, in an industry still evolving, standardized testing, using the same high-quality technology, diagnostic software, and processes, is an anomaly. But it does exist.

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High quality surface inspection for innovative packaging solutions

Full support along the process chain

Surface optimization – the key to successful packaging solutions

In the last 10 years, the packaging industry has nearly doubled. It has never been more important for converters to offer innovative solutions. Among packaging products, flexible solutions offer attractive opportunities for producers: They are lightweight, strong, and easy to transport and store. It is crucial for flexible solutions to be recyclable as well as printable with logos and information according to the producer’s requirements.


Whether printing, coating, or adhesion, KRÜSS supports you in tackling surface optimization holistically.

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