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KRÜSS launches new website

Engaging, content-rich relaunch with optimized mobile use and diverse navigation aids for newcomers …

New quality control solution for foam prevention and inhibition

KRÜSS releases the Foam Tester – FT, a new instrument for measuring foamability and foam stability of …

KRÜSS offers free Surface Science Online Course

Online or on-demand course for greater flexibility

ADVANCE software with new features: Cyclic measurements and enhanced powder wetting analysis

Upgrade with automated repetitions of measurements and the new Washburn Direct method for contact angles …

Our new product overview for 2020

Have a look at our new overview brochure for our products and services.

Live analysis of jetted drops at InPrint 2019

Demonstration of the new Drop Shape Analyzer - DSA Inkjet on a Seiko print head

Confirm the precision of your interfacial tension results

New standard for calibrating drop diameter determination with Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT

Bath control with direct display of surfactant concentration

Reference curve with the Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile now without external aids

Real-time Drop Analysis for Inkjet Printing

KRÜSS is set to showcase the new Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA Inkjet at the InPrint in Munich (Germany)

New in our ADVANCE software: User rights management and comprehensive adhesion analysis

Upgrade with convenient and secure access control as well as comprehensive evaluation of wetting processes