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Tensíío Instrument Demo | Introduction

This introduction is part of a growing video series about Tensíío. Watch application expert Dr. Andrew Mellor explain how the setup can be adapted to your specific task. Experience the method variety of the instrument as well as its features designed to make the daily lab routine as convenient as possible.

Drop shape

Next level wettability control | Ayríís

Quality control has a definitive outcome: pass or fail. Ayríís gives the verdict for the wettability of your surfaces with the 3D Contact Angle – fast, mobile, and without user intervention. Watch how easy it is to set up and carry out the measurement and how quickly dosing cartridges and batteries can be replaced to use Ayríís 24/7.

ADVANCE Software

Ready for Industry 4.0! | ADVANCE API

Quality control requires the simplest possible useability. Our ADVANCE WebApp reduces operation to a click of a button in the browser of any computer. The ADVANCE API goes even further and communicates with other software to carry out extensive automated measurement series. Learn how the Fraunhofer CSP uses the API for an Industry 4.0 quality control process for wafers.

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Universal analysis of wettability and adhesion | DSA100

How intensively a solid is wetted by a liquid strongly depends on the solid’s surface free energy (SFE). The modularity and versatility of the Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA100, our high-end instrument for measuring contact angle and SFE, makes it ready for any task in wetting and adhesion analysis imaginable.

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Surface free energy with one click | MSA

Wetting and adhesion of materials is governed by their surface free energy (SFE). To optimize painting, coating, or bonding, the SFE is increased by pretreatment. For quality control, our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA performs very fast mobile measurements of the SFE using the contact angle method.


Quality control of cleaning and coating baths | BPT Mobile

Immerse – click – read: the Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile captures the surfactant content of your cleaning or coating bath within seconds. You will know immediately whether the bath is okay thanks to an automatic evaluation. With the intuitive, large-sized touch display, working with the BPT Mobile is almost like doing quality tests with a smartphone.

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Revolutionary dosing technique | Liquid Needle

Watch the story of the Liquid Needle, our revolutionary dosing technique for contact angle measurement. This fast and reproducible way of drop placement uses a very thin jet which does not distort the drop. Our developers and scientists reveal the process of its creation and talk about how they validated the new method with results that were then published in a peer-reviewed scientific paper.

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How to: Cleaning a dosing valve | MSA, DS3252

The Liquid Needle technology is an easy-to-use tool for measuring surface free energy with one click. Cleaning the dosing valves on a regular basis is one of the very few necessary maintenance steps. Learn how cleaning can be performed quickly and in just a few easy steps.

Foam analysis

All-around scientific characterization of foam | DFA100

Foam in everyday products as well as technical applications appears in manifold forms and is often produced on purpose, but can also be undesired. Our Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 helps to optimize foam for specific uses or to identify methods to effectively avoid it. The DFA100 characterizes almost every aspect of foam, such as foamability of liquids, the stability of foam, its liquid content, and even the number and real size of its bubbles.


Interfacial analysis for emulsion optimization | SDT

The tendency of emulsions to form and stay stable is characterized by the interfacial tension (IFT). The Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT helps to optimize emulsions by precisely measuring very low IFT. Thanks to its fast and easy operation, high degree of automation and flexible temperature control, the SDT takes the spinning drop technique to the next level.

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Mobile surface quality control | MSA

Measure surface free energy with one click an on-site with the Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA. Our animated video shows all the features of this instrument and how it is tailor-made for mobile quality control.

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How to: Filling cartridges | MSA

The MSA measures surface free energy with one click for wettability analysis in quality control. One of the many advantages of the MSA is that cartridges for test liquids can be quickly refilled without having to purchase expensive consumables. Watch how to do this refilling in just five simple steps.

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