• Remote support by one of our Technical Support Engineers

    Remote support by one of our Technical Support Engineers

Remote support

Do you face any technical issues and are relying on a quick solution? We will provide direct support from screen to screen.

It is often unnecessary for our support engineers to visit site, as we can help you with most measuring instruments online using Remote support. To do this, we simply set up a secure internet connection to the computer which controls your instrument. In parallel with this, we accompany you through the support process. In this way, we optimize software parameters, and help you to use and update installed firmware and driver versions on request.

You can even dial into one of our engineers’ computers yourself and take a virtual look over their shoulder. This will enable you to view a software simulation, for example, for training purposes. If required, data can also be exchanged in both directions with explicit approval.


Technical Service brochure

FastViewer (for remote support)

TeamViewer (for remote support)

Worldwide Technical Service

Borsteler Chaussee 85,
22453 Hamburg, Germany

Phone: +49 40 514401-55
Fax: +49 40 514401-98

Email: service@kruss.de


Further service locations

USA & Canada
Phone: +1 704 847 8933
Email: service@krussusa.com

Phone: +86 10 6184 2095
Email: service@krusschina.cn

France & UK
Phone: +33 1 60 14 94 04
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