• On-site maintenance by one of our Technical Support Engineers

    On-site maintenance by one of our Technical Support Engineers

Our range of services

Installation and training (IAT/RIAT)

Do you want to use your instrument with maximum efficiency and expert knowledge from day one? We will arrange this and provide an installation and training (IAT/RIAT) for you and your staff.

We see ourselves responsible for the smooth operation and performance of your measuring instrument. To ensure that it delivers accurate results from day one, we can set it up for you as part of an IAT and provide instruction with comprehensive training.

Before we set up your instrument, we will first advise you on the ideal installation conditions. We will then assemble the hardware, install the software and commission the instrument. In doing so, we will check all functions again under on-site conditions, adjust and calibrate the measuring instrument, and produce a detailed report.

After this, we will familiarize you with your new KRÜSS instrument by means of intensive training. This personal guidance will include practical and theoretical instruction in your new measuring system and training on how to use the software. This knowledge will enable you to get the best out of your measuring instrument and maintain its value through professional use.

For instruments which need only a few steps to set up, we will be pleased to simplify the plan and carry out the installation and training jointly with you, screen-to-screen, as Remote IAT (RIAT).

Maintenance contract

Do you want to maintain the precision and reliability of your instrument at the same high level in the long term? We will maintain, adjust and calibrate it as part of regular service visits.

A KRÜSS maintenance contract will enable you to plan the servicing of your measuring instrument and reduce the risk of failure to a minimum. During a service visit, we are able to detect the smallest impairments to performance and rectify them immediately. With our help, you will have the benefit of long-lasting, reliable equipment and will be able to rely on a measuring system which we adjust and calibrate with precise, traceable standards.

Our maintenance contracts cover:

  • On-site maintenance by one of our support engineers*
  • Checking all functions of the instrument
  • Electronic or mechanical adjustment and cleaning of components (including minor repairs)
  • Checking and calibrating the sensors
  • Technical advice relating to the instrument
  • Remote support via online sessions

* For our mobile measuring instruments MSA, GH11, BPT Mobile, and BP50, we also offer a contract for in-house maintenance at KRÜSS. In case you cannot pass on your instrument, we offer to support you with an instrument from our pool to bridge the in-house-maintenance or repair.

We offer maintenance contracts in the following countries: Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, and USA

Remote support

Do you face any technical issues and are relying on a quick solution? We will provide direct support from screen to screen.

It is often unnecessary for our support engineers to visit site, as we can help you with most measuring instruments online using Remote support. To do this, we simply set up a secure internet connection to the computer which controls your instrument. In parallel with this, we accompany you through the support process. In this way, we optimize software parameters, and help you to use and update installed firmware and driver versions on request.

You can even dial into one of our engineers’ computers yourself and take a virtual look over their shoulder. This will enable you to view a software simulation, for example, for training purposes. If required, data can also be exchanged in both directions with explicit approval.

On-site service

Are you confronted with a failure of your instrument, or do you want to move it, recommission it or train new staff to use it? We will respond quickly and flexibly with our on-site service.

Our instruments are manufactured to high quality standards and do not leave our factory before undergoing extensive pre-delivery inspection. However, if a problem should occur, we will rectify this on a site visit. We carry out repairs, overhauls and recalibration quickly and flexibly.

In addition, we also offer individual, customized training courses and comprehensive instruction, and help you with your specific questions. And, of course, we are on the spot if you relocate with your instrument or want to train new members of staff on an existing unit.

If you know in advance when you need our help, we can plan to visit you on our regular service trips. Or, we will come immediately if you need support at short notice.

Qualification (IQ/OQ)

Do you want to use your instrument and its methods as part of a standardized quality management system? We will carry out Installation/Operation Qualification (IQ/OQ) and create documentation tailored to your purpose.

Quality managers define special requirements for test equipment and its validation. We support our customers in this area by certifying GLP/GMP-compliant qualification of our measuring instruments and methods, and produce the associated documentation. In this way, we make it easy for you to incorporate our measuring instruments into your standardized processes.

We offer Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) worldwide for all our current measuring instruments as well as for the software and our measuring methods. It goes without saying that this is documented by all associated test reports and certificates.

We carry out IQ after commissioning the measuring instrument at your premises. For the OQ, we visit you periodically on request. In this way, we continuously ensure that the instrument is ideally suited to your quality process, and document the reliability of the measuring methods.

Extended warranty

Would you like our promise of long-term functional reliability in writing? We can offer you an extension of the legal warranty.

The long, trouble-free operating life of our measuring instruments is a commitment that we are only too happy to put in writing. We therefore offer an extension to the warranty for your new unit. In doing so, you are free to choose between two types of extended warranty:

  1. Extension including all spare parts, excluding time to carry out the repair
  2. Extension including all spare parts and the time incurred to carry out the repair

As part of the warranty service, we will not only repair your instrument but also ensure that it is available again without delay and performing to the best of its ability.


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