• Practical seminars

    Practical seminars

Practical seminars

Our practical seminars put professionally supported measuring exercises in center of an intensive two-day training course covering the areas of surface tension, contact angle measurement and foam analysis. You acquire theoretical basics of interfacial chemistry, familiarize yourself with new measuring methods and gain new or advanced skills for carrying out precise analyses.

Seminar content

  • Support and consulting services for concrete application issues
  • Introduction to our analytical methods in the fields of tensiometry, foam analysis and contact angle determination
  • Familiarization  with new measurement techniques
  • Training on measurement methods with expert guidance
  • Practical work using our measuring instruments
  • Measurements also taken on participants’ samples

Our expertise in your hands

Foam analysis, tensiometry, contact angle determination at KRÜSS: Being a leading manufacturer of scientific measuring instruments with our own application laboratories makes us experts in analytical practice. In this seminar, we share our experience with you and put across basic technical principles – leaving you with new or enhanced skills for conducting precise analyses.

More knowledge. More abilities.

Work with our seminar team to develop more in-depth knowledge of surface and interfacial tension (SFT/IFT), contact angle determination and foam analysis, and familiarize yourself with a wide range of measurement methods. You will learn helpful tips and tricks for successful, reproducible measurements. At the heart of our seminar is the opportunity for you to run your own analyses under professional guidance in our generously equipped laboratory—even using your own samples if you like. The range of methods available depends entirely on your needs.

Guided measurements upon request and as needed, using our measuring instruments:

  • Fully automated static and dynamic contact angle measurements
  • Wetting analyses of solids, fibers and powders
  • Automated SFT, IFT and critical micelle concentration (CMC) determinations
  • Dynamic SFT or IFT measurements using bubble pressure and drop volume methods
  • Foam analysis: foamability and foam stability, liquid content and bubble structure
  • Tempered measurements
  • Many other specialized methods

This event is a two-day seminar for no more than 22 participants. The practical portion of the seminar is conducted in smaller groups.

Dates 2018 (Practical seminar)

October 09-10
Location: Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Language: English

October 19
Location: Shanghai (China)
Language: Chinese

October 30
Location: Beijing (China)
Language: Chinese

November 08-09
Location: Hamburg (Germany)
Language: Germany
Time: 09:00 - 17:00

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