• Overview seminars

    Overview seminars

Overview seminars

As experts in interfacial chemistry with the world’s largest range of measuring methods in this field, we at KRÜSS would be glad to share our knowledge and application experience with you. Our overview seminar provides a complete look at overview of the scientific background and practical application of tensiometry, contact angle measurement and foam analysis. Depending on the event, an overview seminar covers all these areas or a selection which concentrates on special subjects such as coatings or foam in cosmetics.

Seminar contents

  • Tensiometric methods for static interfaces
  • Interface formation as a dynamic phenomenon: time-dependent interfacial and surface tension measurements
  • Analysis of liquid foams: foamability and foam stability, bubble structure and liquid content
  • Contact angle as a criterion for wettability, surface free energy and adhesion of and to solids
  • In-depth discussion of questions to your application
  • Consolidation of the methods using practical demonstrations

Know-how from science and practical experience

Deepen your knowledge of surface and interfacial tension (SFT/IFT), contact angle measurement and foam analysis with our seminar team and become acquainted with a wide range of measuring methods. The scientists in our seminar team will illustrate the contents of specific applications from quality assurance as well as research and development in many different branches. Moreover, your special application questions will also be dealt with.

We will give practical demonstrations of the methods covered in the particular event:

  • Fully-automatic static and dynamic contact angle measurements
  • Wettability analyses of solids, fibers and powders
  • Automatic measurement of SFT or IFT
  • Dynamic measurement of SFT or IFT with the bubble pressure and drop volume method
  • Foam analysis: foamability and foam stability, liquid content and bubble structure

The events are one-day or two-day seminars that will be held with maximum 25 participants.


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