• Seminar | Foam analysis

    Seminar | Foam analysis

Foam analysis seminars

Seminar content

  • A scientific, practical introduction
  • Characterization of liquid foamability and of foam stability
  • Liquid content and drainage
  • Foam structure and its dynamic changes
  • Considerations of interfacial rheology and its relationship to foam behavior
  • Foam analysis measurements of sample systems
  • Characterizing surfactants in accordance with ASTM D 1173
  • Example applications from research and development presented by guest speaker
  • In-depth technical discussion

Use our expertise to answer your questions

Relevant in practice and exciting in theory: besides occupying manufacturers of foam-forming substances, foam analysis is important for suppressing foaming as well. In this KRÜSS seminar, we will share our knowledge of reproducible studies on liquid foams, introducing you to both the theory and practice of a variety of scientific methods.

Knowing more about foam

Work with our seminar team to develop a more in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of liquid foam behavior and structure. We will use concrete examples to familiarize you both with the relationship between surfactant properties and foam formation, and with the impact of surface tension. You will learn more about foam characterization methods for rapidly decaying foams and for those that remain stable for long periods of time. In addition, you will gain insight into applying interfacial rheology to interfacial behavior during deformation, and its impact on foam properties.

We will provide practical demonstrations of the methods covered on our own instruments:

  • Analyzing foamability and foam stability by measuring foam height
  • Measuring liquid content as a function of time and height
  • Analyzing dynamic foam structure and bubble size distribution
  • Ross Miles foam analysis: automatic measurements of foamability and foam stability in accordance with ASTM D 1173
  • Studying interfacial deformation behavior: the oscillating pendant drop method

This event is a one-day seminar for no more than 30 participants. The practical portion of the seminar is conducted in small groups.

Dates 2019 (Foam analysis)

November 11
Location: Hamburg (Germany)
Language: German
Time: 09:00 - 17:00


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