• Methodology seminars

    Methodology seminars

Methodology seminars

In our methodology seminars, you will be able to deepen your knowledge in the areas of surface tension, contact angle measurement and foam analysis on one day each. You will attend to illustrative talks covering theory and applications and become familiar with the most important analysis methods in practical sessions.It is possible to combine the various methodology seminars.

Foam analysis

Relevant in practice and exciting in theory: besides occupying manufacturers of foam-forming substances, foam analysis is important for suppressing foaming as well. In this KRÜSS seminar, we will share our knowledge of reproducible studies on liquid foams, introducing you to both the theory and practice of a variety of scientific methods.

Surface tension

Whether used for quality assurance or scientific research, tensiometry is the key measurement technique for analyzing the surface and interfacial phenomena of liquids. In this KRÜSS seminar, we will share our knowledge in this field, introducing you to the theory and practice of all of the methods commonly used for characterizing liquid surfaces.

Contact angle

Wettability, adhesion, surface free energy: when it comes to the surface properties of solids, contact angle measurements are an indispensable tool for material research and quality assurance. We would like to share our scientific expertise with you at this KRÜSS seminar and provide helpful knowledge for applying contact angle measurement techniques.


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