• Control Cleaning with the BPT Mobile and the MSA

    Control Cleaning with the BPT Mobile and the MSA

Mobile quality control of baths and cleaned parts

State-of-the-art quality monitoring throughout the cleaning process

Are you sure the cleaner concentration in your bath is right? Are you sure your parts are really clean after the leave the bath?

Two one-click measuring solutions give you full control over the quality at two critical steps of your surface preparation before bonding or coating.

Before cleaning: Easy and mobile quality control of cleaning baths

Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile
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: Capture the surfactant content of your cleaning bath within seconds using surface tension with our Bubble Pressure Tensiometer – BPT Mobile.

The quality inspector using the BPT Mobile knows immediately whether the bath is okay thanks to an ad-hoc evaluation. Moreover, for pro-active adjustment of the bath, it shows the change of results over time.

The instrument, which is independent from the grid or a computer, has a touch display that makes using it as intuitive as a smartphone. It lies well in the hand and is especially easy and safe to operate thanks to the large-sized interface. Programmed measurement templates and the fact that the instrument is insensitive to changing immersion depths provide for user-independent quality control.

After cleaning: Quality check of cleaned parts with one click

Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA
Video | Surface free energy with one click

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: Check the quality of your cleaned parts in no time at all using our Mobile Surface Analyzer – MSA.

Turning the once laborious contact angle technique into an ultra-fast quality control method, the MSA measures the surface free energy (SFE), which is a perfect indicator for hydrophobic contaminations and far more reliable than test inks. Measurements using templates and automated dosing of test liquids ensure operator-independent results, which can be automatically evaluated using predefined limits.

Our MSA analyzes samples of any size, such as automobile bodies. It provides accurate values even for vertical, overhead, and slightly convex samples. The handy instrument can also detect residues of cleaning agents and is capable of doing 1,000 material tests per cartridge charge. Refilling cartridges is quick and easy and does not even require special liquids to be acquired from us.

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