Western Washington University

Plastics and Composites Engineering Department

Dr. John Misasi

"The Plastics and Composites Engineering program at Western Washington University is an undergraduate engineering degree focused on the relationships between the multiscale structures, properties, and processing of polymers and composites. Our students, staff, and faculty work closely with industrial partners to study and solve real-world problems in hopes of benefitting our student’s future careers and our partner’s research needs. WWU’s relationship with KRÜSS is a great example of such a partnership. Our students are using KRÜSS instruments to gain hands-on experience with surface science and characterization instruments in both course work and industry-sponsored research. These projects encompass a wide array of technical fields including additive manufacturing, surface preparation for composites bonding, composites repair, thermoset polymer synthesis, and plastics recycling to name a few. After graduation, over 75% of our students go directly to industry where they’ll bring knowledge of KRÜSS instruments and software to sectors ranging from aerospace, to energy, to electronics. It is my hope that our relationship with KRÜSS will continue to provide these experiential learning opportunities for students, help generate new surface science data for the plastics and composites industries, and develop new collaborative relationships between WWU, KRÜSS and industrial partners in the Pacific Northwest."

Background of Dr. Misasi

John Misasi is an Assistant Professor of Plastics and Composites Engineering at Western Washington University. He graduated with a PhD in polymer science and engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi, and has recently published papers with the SAMPE Journal. His research interests include recyclable thermoset networks, toughening mechanisms in glassy networks, and the development and manufacturing of 3D printing materials.