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Drop Shape Analyzer


The easy-to-use manual instrument for changing contact angle tasks

Drop Shape Analyzer – DSA25B for contact angle

The Basic configuration of the DSA25 Drop Shape Analyzer is suitable for accurate wetting measurements with a standard test liquid or sample liquid. The instrument is ideal for quick measurements of the static contact angle. It is mainly used for tasks that don’t require a high degree of standardization, i.e. wetting of different formulations of a coating liquid on different samples.


  • Checking wettability of plastics, glass, ceramics, wood, paper, or metal

  • Testing the effectiveness of hydrophobic coatings and other coatings

Measuring methods

  • Contact angle of a drop on a solid surface

  • Contact angle using a gas bubble beneath a solid surface in a liquid

  • Surface tension using the curvature of a perfectly symmetrical drop on a circular sample pedestal

  • Contact angle at an immersed, cylindrical sample, usually a fiber

Measuring results

  • Static contact angle

  • Contact angle using a bubble in a liquid

Manual precision dosing with quick changes of liquids

Thanks to the fine adjustment of the manual dosing unit of the DSA25B, the drop is dispensed in an accurately controlled manner. The size of the drop is therefore highly reproducible and provides a good comparison of results. The quickly replaceable syringe allows a rapid changeover between different liquids, thus enabling a high sample throughput.



Quality optics with upgrade options

For further improving the already high quality video image of the drop, the standard lens of the DSA25B can be upgraded to a zoom lens as is used for the Standard (S) and Expert (E) configurations of the DSA25. This enables even small drops to be displayed in the image with an optimum size. Combined with the intelligent image evaluation algorithm of the ADVANCE software, drop shape analysis with the instrument provides exact results.


  • Intuitive software with a workflow-oriented user interface

  • Swift and repeatable analyses thanks to measurement templates and powerful automation functions

  • Superior algorithms for image analyses provide for precise results even with difficult images

  • A wide range of evaluation methods makes ADVANCE a reliable scientific tool

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